Friday, May 22, 2009

Why the Belmont Stakes didn't make the book

With the 3rd race of the Triple Crown coming up I've received questions about why the Belmont Stakes did not make the list of the nation's top 101 annual parties. I mean after all, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness are both in the book. I'll answer this question simply......The Derby is the Derby - something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives. The Preakness is a full throttle celebration that caters to a fiery blue-collar Baltimore crowd. Great energy, totally unique. A trip to the Belmont Stakes is somewhere in the middle - and the energy, the feeling of community that the other 2 races have is lacking at the Belmont Stakes. It's definitely in the nation's top 150 parties, but it doesn't rank in the grade A catergory.

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