Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Returned from Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is one of the greatest events you can go to in your lifetime. Not only is it argueably the greatest time of year to vist New Orleans, but it attracts a wonderful mix of people from all backgrounds, ages, and social standings. Jazz Fest is New Orleans - plain and simple. The food, the music, and a city thats as unique as they come.

This time around I got out of the heart of the French Quarter a bit more after the concerts had ended. Frenchman St. is basically the area that locals retreat to when they want to escape the neon lights and hand grenade drinks on Bourbon St. It's an incredible place for late night frolicking, but much cooler (in my opinion) than anywhere else in the Quarter. We hit Rock N Bowl as well - a Jazz Fest late night must go spot.

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